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Dr Sal Storniolo with woman in exam room
Dr Sal in Exam room with a patient after Dental Cleaning

Salvatore Storniolo, DDS

Salvatore Storniolo, DDS is a compassionate dentist that believes in providing high-quality cosmetic dentistry. He graduated from Loyola University and received his dental license in 1987. Since graduation, he has provided dental services through his private practice. He also provides dental treatment to patients within the community working at the DuPage County Urgent Care Clinic. As of June 2014, Dr. Sal was appointed preceptor for Midwestern Dental School. He educates and provides clinical expertise to upcoming dental students.

Dr. Sal enjoys serving the community and is a consistent volunteer providing free dentistry to the underserved and under privileged. He has been a repeat volunteer at the Illinois Dental Society's Mission of Mercy event, the Chicago Dental Society's Cure event, and recently participated in providing free dental services to our veterans in his office. He currently serves as an alternate delegate to the American Dental Association since 2015. Throughout the year, Dr. Sal has been awarded and honored for his outstanding dentistry. These include:

  • Fellowship of the International College of Dentistry
  • Fellowship of Academy of General Dentistry
  • Fellowship of American Academy of International Dentistry
  • Fellowship of Odontographic
  • Fellowship of the American College of Dentist

Honored in the local newspaper and Fra Noi Magazine, Dr. Sal believes in not only treating oral disease but focuses on preventing it.

Dr. Sal is a family oriented dentist and loves providing dental services for people of all ages.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Sal belongs to the following associations:

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